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Ice Report 12/27/22

We hope everybody had a Merry Christmas, and we hope the new year brings you blessings and joy! We want to thank everybody who supported us this last year... we appreciate your business and support!

We FINALLY have some good news to report on the ice situation! After a week of frigid temps, it appears the lakes have finally started to heal up a bit! There are some pockets on the lake that are still seeing some slush pockets, but for the most part, we have seen a HUGE increase in traffic on the lakes. ATV traffic has been very good on all area lakes, and we are seeing a good amount of vehicles and larger fish houses venturing out onto the lakes. We are hearing reports of 12-16 inches of ice, and the travel has been pretty pleasant the last few days! There are some drifts on the lakes, but most anglers are reporting no issues navigating around them. I'm guessing we will see ALOT of fisherman this week putting out houses and exploring the lakes more!

We are hearing good reports from almost all anglers! The walleye bite has been strong on all area lakes. Not much new to report on the bite... 16-20 Feet of Water has been producing the best walleye bite, with the best times being early morning and sunsets. A combination of set lines with a glow demon or similar hook with a shiner or sucker next to spoon tipped with a fathead have been producing the best, with a pretty even split of fish coming on dead sticks verses jigging. With the warm weather we have this week, a great technique is to spread out tip ups in the area your fishing and covering more ground!

The panfish bite has also remained strong, and will continue to be good with the upcoming warm weather. Waxies and small jigs fished in and around the tall cabbage weed on the shallow weed flats has been the ticket. Move around until you find a school of panfish, and try different colors and sizes until you pin point what presentation the fish are wanting that day! Crappies have also been biting in the deep water basins. Locate the deep basins in 30-50 feet and stay mobile until you find the school! The secret on deep water crappies is you have to be willing to continually move until you find the active school!

We look forward to a busy week, and are excited the lakes are finally hardening up and allowing some good travel on the lakes! With the warm weather this week and the lakes in good shape, now is the time to get your houses out and enjoy the new year! Happy Fishing Everybody!

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