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Fishing Report 5/30/23

We hope everybody has a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend. We thank all our Veterans, especially those who courageously gave their lives to protect our freedoms we enjoy today.

As we get ready to flip the calendar to June, fishing has been very good, and will continue to remain good throughout the weekend! One of the best things about this time of year is there is a number of tactics that can be used to catch fish! Over the weekend we heard good reports coming from Big Pine, Little Pine, Rush , Start , and Ottertail for walleye. Fishing are still being caught in 6-12 feet of water on 1/16th and 1/8th ounces jigs tipped with minnows or soft plastic. This presentation will continue to produce for the next couple of weeks! We also are starting to hear a lot of reports of fishing being caught in deeper water. Shoreline points, shoreline breaks, and mid-lake humps and mid-lake flats in the 15-25 foot of water range are producing walleyes on a variety of tactics. Lindy rigging a leech , nightcrawler or minnow has been producing fish, and the crawler and leech bite will really pick up this week as the water temps rise. As we get closer to the weekend, i predict the spinner bite will also really pick up. Slowly trolling a spinner with a leech or crawler is always a safe bet in the early part of June! As stated, the beauty of June is fish are willing to bite on a wide variety of tactics, so make sure you are prepared to try a couple different tactics when heading to the water.

With the late spring the panfish bite has remained extremely strong on Big Pine, Star, Rush, Marion and Little Mcdonald. The bluegill and crappie are still in the 3-7 foot range. Look for pencil reeds, lily pads, and good cabbage weed in the warmest water of the lake, and you should be in luck! The best presentation has been a small jig tipped with a leech, worm, or crappie minnow under a bobber. As the water warms up, we are also hearing good reports of individuals casting and retrieving small jigs with soft plastics. The panfish should stay shallow for a few more days , and will slowly move out to the cabbage flats.

Bass and Northern have been biting on all area lakes. Look for good cabbage weed line in 8-13 feet of water. An extremely wide variety of tactics can be used for both bass and northern pike. Live bait, crankbaits, spoons, soft plastic, etc has been producing and will continue to produce throughout the summer.

We look forward to another busy week here at the shop, and look forward to seeing you all this week! Happy Fishing Everybody!


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