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Ice Report 12/20/22

In last weeks report, I was hoping we were going to luck out and miss the big storm... well we didn't! Last week we got a solid 12" of snow, which is not what the doctor ordered! Luckily, we have been getting some extremely cold temps the last couple days, which hopefully will help lock things up a bit! We are seeing a good 7-12"+ on almost all area lakes, but there is some slush. Some areas of the lake have no slush , while others have a good amount of water and slush on top of the ice. Hard to tell what the lake conditions will do over the next couple days, but as of now, ATV and Snowmobile traffic is very do able. Ice depth is not the concern, the concern is hitting a slush spot. Hopefully this cold weather will harden things up!

The fishing has been very good, both walleye and panfish. The walleye bite has been very good on almost all area lakes in 16-25 feet of water on shore line breaks and mid lake humps. A combination of jigging a spoon with a set line next to it has been the ticket! It has continued to be a strong morning and evening bite.

Bluegill and Crappie have been biting on Big Pine, Rush, Star, Marion, and Dead. Shoreline weed flats in 10-14 feet have been the best for bluegills. Find the tall, standing green cabbage weed and you will find the fish! Crappies are being caught in the deep water basin suspended. Small spoons tipped with a crappie minnow or waxie have been the best presentation! Although its cold right now, being mobile and moving around the basin and following the school has proven to be the best!

Nothing to serious to report as of now, and lets hope the sub zero temps harden these lakes up a bit! In short, we have enough ice, we are just battling slush in a few spots. We look forward to a busy week, and we wish Everybody a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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