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Open Hours
Monday - Sat. 6:00-6:00
Sunday 7:00-3:00
Our Story
Frank Adamczyk grew up fishing and hunting around Perham, and he always believed the town could support its own outdoor store.  So after returning from the war he put that theory to the test.  Frank's "sport shop" opened in 1950 in downtown Perham.  He was a local pioneer of using radio to promote the Perham area, and he quickly gained a reputation for quality products and helpful advice.  Tragically, Frank passed away in 1972.  That's when his younger brother, Gene, stepped in to help, and the locals have been calling it Gene's Sport Shop ever since.
Today the store is owned and operated by Gene's son, Tom Adamczyk, along with his sons, Nick and Ed.  Aside from our inventory, not much has changed.  We're still in the original location, still using the same concept Frank and Gene developed long ago: quality products and helpful advice.  Some things don't need to change.
Frank Adamzcyk - Perham, MN - 1956


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