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Fishing Report 1/18/24

Things are finally starting to look (and feel) like winter! Last weekend and early this week we had extreme cold temps, and that put on some good ice and really firmed up the lakes. MOST area lakes right now are reporting 12-14 inches of good ice, and the last couple days we have seen a lot of permanent fish houses make there ways to the lakes! Travel on the lakes has been great with just a few inches of snow. The good ice and warm weather in the forecast should make for a busy week here at the shop! I expect to see a lot more houses hit the water, and we are starting to see a lot more vehicle traffic on the lakes, which will only increase as we make just a bit more ice each night.

The walleye bight has been consistent on Big Pine, Little Pine, Rush, Otter Tail and other area lakes. As usual, the low light time of morning and evening have been the best bites. 16-24 feet of water has been the key on good walleye structure, such as shoreline breaks and mid lake humps and flats. I'm hoping the warm up in weather will produce an even better walleye bite this weekend and into next week.

With the late year, most anglers are still trying to scratch the walleye itch, but we are hearing very good reports for panfish. Mid-lake deep basins are producing crappie on Big Pine, and bluegills are getting picked up on most area lakes in 10-18 feet of water in good weed beds.

We are sitting GREAT on minnows and wax worms for the weekend, and are looking forward to a BUSY weekend. A short and sweet report, but the bite has been good and the lakes are in great shape and ready for some traffic this weekend! Happy Fishing!


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