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Fishing Report 6/14

Hard to believe it is already the Middle of June... where did spring go! Fishing in Lakes Country has remained very good, in fact, one of the better springs/ early summers in the last decade in my opinion! As we enter into the heart of June and water temps rise north of 70 degrees, fishing has remained very good, and we are seeing fish transition to summer patterns. The shallow water bite has remained good, with fish still being caught in less than 10 feet of water on a variety of tactics. Jigs and minnows are still producing being trolled at speeds around 1.0 MPH, and we are also hearing good reports on slip bobbers with leeches or shallow water spinners with crawlers or minnows. The beauty of this time of year is fish can be caught on a wide variety of tactics! Although the shallow bite has been strong, we are also hearing a lot of good reports of fish being caught on the deeper structure. Look for shoreline points, breaks, and mid-lake humps in 15-30 feet of water. Lindy rigs with minnows leeches and crawlers have all been producing fish. Slowly back trolling lindy rigs around .5 MPH has been producing fish on Big Pine, Little Pine, Rush , Star, Ottertail, Lida and other area lakes. The deep water walleye bite will continue to be good, and even get better, as the water temp continues to rise.

The panfish bite has also remained very strong! The crappies have finished up the spawning process, and have moved straight out from their spawning grounds, and can be found in 6-10 Feet of water in the tall cabbage weed. If you know where the crappies spawn, move out from there and look for the tall cabbage weed and the crappies should be there. Slip bobbers with small jigs and crappie minnows has been producing, as well as casting small plastics. The bluegills are just finishing up their spawning, and will be found mixed in with the crappies. Shallow cabbage, less than 8 feet, is holding bluegills. Small jigs with leeches, nightcrawlers or wax worms has been producing! Big Pine, Star, Marion, Rush, and many other area lakes are producing both crappie and bluegill.

The Bass and Northern Pike bite has been extremely good. Weedlines in 8-12 feet of water are holding bass and northern on all area lakes. Bass and northern can be caught in a variety of ways. Trolling minnows, spoons or lures on the weedlines has been producing northerns, and lures, plastics and spinners has been producing bass in 4-12 feet of water. The key to success is to find the tall cabbage weed, and fish on top as well on the edges of the cabbage. If you can find good cabbage weed in 6-12 feet of water, the bass and northern pike will be there!

Overall, we are off to a great start to our 2022 summer season here at Gene's. The weather has been great, as well as the fishing! We thank you all for your business and support! It is truly appreciated! Happy Fishing Everybody!


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