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Fishing Report 6/24 with Balcer Brothers Guide Service

"Most the walleyes we are finding as of lately are relating to the cabbage or weed edges, especially if the wind is blowing into them. Rigging leeches at .5 to .8 MPH on those weed has has been a consistent bite with the occasional day of them wanting a big minnow. The jig rap and slow death bite is also starting to produce fish on a day to day basis, and will continue to improve over the next several day. Long lining a jig in shallow water is still producing some of our biggest fish in and around the weed beds, especially if the wind is blowing. We also have been finding some nice schools of crappies the last week hanging off f the steep breaks schooled up and ready to bite a jig rap or a jig tipped with a minnow. It is a great time of year when many different presentations are working, and fishing will continue to stay hot in the days ahead!"

Balcer Brothers Guide Service

Josh Balcer 218-457-2829

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