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Local Report 5/2

May is here! Hard to believe we are a little over a week away from the 2018 fishing opener, and it is looking to be a fantastic opener this year. Ice has gone off the majority of our local lakes, and the few that do still have ice will likely be opening up any day. Walleyes Spawn is in full swing right now, and fish are gathering in the shallow water current in the evenings to lay their eggs. With the continuation of warm, sunny days, the walleyes will be finishing spawning and transitioning out from their spawning areas and be ready to be caught on opener which is Saturday , May 12th.

The forecast looks good for opener, and we are hoping the warm weather will allow us to have a great supply of shiners. A few fishermen are reporting catching panfish in the shallow water bays and currents of many of the area lakes. The best technique for this time of year is a simply bobber with a small jig and a nightcrawler. The panfish bite should contintue to improve every day.

We have also been hearing good reports from local turkey hunters, and have seen several pictures of Toms being shot in the last few weeks. Starting today , May 2nd, a hunter can buy a turkey surplus tag over the counter. Bowfishing and spearing also opened up on Saturday, April 28th, and we are hearing good reports in the rivers for suckers and carp.

We will keep you updated next week on fishing reports, water temps, and our bait supply, and look forward to another great year on the water.

Happy Fishing!

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