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Fishing Report 2/27/18

It is hard to believe that it's already closing in on March, and we are patiently awaiting spring and summer. The game fish season closed on Sunday, the 25th and many anglers will pack away their winter rods and focus their thoughts on open water, while others are just getting started. The month of March is a great time to target crappies, bluegills , and tullibees, and fishing has been good. Panfish are being found in shallow weed flats and deer water basins on Star, Big Pine, Marion, Dead, Rush, Height of Land, and many other area lakes. Tullibees are being target and caught on any lake the exist in, and the deepest basins of the lake are a great spot to start.

With the calendar turning to March, do not forget anglers need new fishing licenses, for the 2017 license will expire on February 28th.

With the warm weather we are having, it is extremely easy to look ahead to fishing in the boat, and here at Gene's we are preparing and getting inventory ready for summer, but don't put the winter gear away just yet, some AWESOME fishing is yet to come.

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