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Fishing Report 2/1/18

It is hard to believe it is already the first of February, but we look back and have been blessed with a solid ice fishing winter so far. As like many other winters, walleye fishing has slowed down a bit compared to the last 2 months. Fishermen are still having luck in 14-26 feet of water on Big Pine, Little Pine, Ottertail and Rush, and are seeing a majority of the walleyes being caught on a shinner or sucker minnow on a dead stick or under a bobber. Majority of the fish are being caught in the low light conditions of morning and evening, with the occasional walleye coming in the middle of the day. With a little under a month left to chase walleyes before the season closes until May, now is a great time to get out and try a new spot or possibly a new lake.

Although walleye season closes at the end of the month, we are looking ahead to the best couple months of panfishing through the ice. Fisherman are finding the schools of crappies schooling up in the deep water basins of the lake that can range anywhere from 20-50 feet of water, all depending on the lake, while sunfish are being found in low laying weeds in 10-16 feet of water on flats or under water points. Good panfish reports are coming in from Big Pine, Rush, Star,

Dead, Height O Land, and many other local lakes. For lure selection, it is tough to beat a small tungsten jig tipped with a waxworm or plastic.

As easy as it is to look ahead towards open water or spring turkey hunting, don't over look late season panfish through the ice this winter.

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