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Ice conditions and fishing report 12/23

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years from our family to yours!

Fishing has been steady on area lakes, with good reports coming in daily. Walleye fisherman are having success in 8-14 feet of water on area lakes, with a majority of fishing biting on the low light conditions in both morning and evening. Set lines with shiners, sucker minnows and rainbows are catching fish, as well as jigging the new 13 Fishing Flash Bang jig, Firefly jig, and buckshot rattle jig.

On a serious note, we have received several reports of EXTREMELY DANGEROUS ice conditions on rush lake and Ottertail lake.There is a good amount of fisherman venturing onto these lakes and putting houses out, but please use extreme caution as parts of the lake are still open or have recently frozen over and only have a few inches of ice. As far as other lakes, we are seeing ATV travel across many of the lakes and 8-10 inches of ice.

DISCLAIMER: There is no such thing as safe ice. Ice conditions can change from day to day and from spot to spot. Just because someone is driving an ATV or vehicle on the lake does not mean the entire lake has safe, fishable ice. Always use caution on the ice, and make sure to stop and check ice depth and quality to and from your fishing spot. Our ice reports should be taken lightly, as this is just what we have seen and heard. Our ice report does not apply to all lakes and all parts of the lakes.

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