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Fishing Report 6/18

Summer is finally here to stay and the fishing remains good, although rapidly changing. With the water temps finally warming up and the shiner run over, now is a great time to head to the deeps in search of walleyes. Big, Pine, Little Pine, Rush, Star, Ottertail and other area lakes have been producing a good walleye bite as of late. The key presentation now seems to be lindy rigging on shoreline points and breaks as well as mid-lake structure. 15-25 feet has been a good starting depth to try, and leeches, crawlers and minnows on a rig are tough to beat right now. The bottom bouncer bite has also really picked up, and pulling either a spinner with a crawler/minnow or a slow death rig has been working well. There are still plenty of fish shallow and light jigs with a minnow or plastic will continue to produce fish. The beauty of this time of year is that so many presentations work! We are also hearing good reports of vertically jigging Rapala Jigging Raps on mid lake structure, and this presentation will only get better with every day.

Panfish have mainly finished up their spawning process, and can be found in abundance in the shallow weed flats located just outside of their spawning grounds. Small jigs with plastics , worms, or crappie minnows are producing on all area lakes. Find the tall cabbage weed close to the spawning area in 5-10 feet of water and the panfish will be there ready to bite! Northerns and Bass are also biting extremely well and can be found on good weedlines across all area lakes!

One of the biggest tips for this time of year is to do less fishing and more scouting with you depth finder. There is obviously no point in fishing area with little to no fish, so we encourage you to spend a little extra time driving over/ around the structure and let your sonar tell you if the fish are there or not! We have had a great spring/early summer when it comes to fishing, and we look forward to the rest of the summer!

Happy Fishing!

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