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Fishing Report 6/6

June is here, and the fishing remains very good! Big Pine, Little Pine, Star, Ottertail, Rush and other area lakes continue to produce good walleye fishing right now. As the water temps continue to rise, fishing patterns and locations are just starting to change. Majority of reports we are hearing are that the best fishing has been in 7-10 feet using a 1/8 ounce jig and a shiner or soft plastic. Back trolling these jigs with a good amount of line out at .8-1.0 mph has been producing walleyes, and you are sure to get some bonus northerns, bass, and big crappies with this presentation . Fish are really to starting to scatter, and every day we are hearing more reports of anglers having good luck on shoreline points and mid-lake humps in the 13-22 foot range (depending on lake and structure) lindy rigging a minnow, crawler or leech. As the spottail shiners are slowly finishing up their spawn process, more and more fishing will be moving to deeper water and structure. Now is a great time of year because no matter what presentation you like to fish or what depth, there should be plenty of hungry walleyes ready to play.

Panfishing has been extremely good on all area lakes. The best presentation continues to be an old school bobber and small jig tipped with either a small leech, crawler, wax worm or crappie minnow. Try a variety of colors and jig styles, for alot of time one jig color seems to produce the best. Please use selective harvest this time of year are fishing are spawning. This is how we protect this resource. We encourage you to release the trophy size fish and eat the average, smaller panfish for the frying pan.

We are still sitting very good on shinners and should have plenty for the upcoming few days. We have leeches, but have had a very tough time getting enough to sell by the pound. Fishing has been good, and should remain constantly good with the consistent upcoming weather!

Happy Fishing!

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