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Fishing Report 5/28

We hope everyone had an enjoyable and safe Memorial Day weekend! Fishing in the lakes area has been very good, and that might even be an understatement! Walleyes are being caught on Big Pine, Little Pine, Rush, Ottertail, Star, and other lakes in 4-10 feet of water. The presentation of choice is still a jig with a shiner or a soft plastic. We are hearing reports that anglers are having luck in 10-18 feet of water Lindy Rigging a leech, crawler or minnow, and this presentation will only continue to get better as the water warms up.

With the late, cool spring, however, we are still seeing cold water temps and majority of fish are being caught in that magic 4-8 foot range. Pay attention to wind and sun, for we are hearing the best reports on windy, cloudy days in 4-6 feet of water, and on calm, sunny days closer to 8 feet of water. Fishing has been good and will continue to get better.

Another benefit of the late spring is the crappies and panfish are really biting well. Best presentation right now with the cold water temp is a simple bobber and small jig either tipped with a crappie minnow , plastic, , or worm in 4-10 feet of water depending on the lake and time of day. Keep on the move for when you find the active panfish, there will be a good amount of fish in the school ready to be caught.

Bait has been a little easier to come by as of late, and we currently have shinners, fatheads, crappie minnows, and plenty of leeches and crawlers, and should be getting more with the warm weather of the next few days. The next few days look like we are going to get blessed with some great weather, so get out and enjoy it. The fishing is GOOD!

Happy Fishing Everybody!

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