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Fishing Report 7/11 with Bret Setterholm

Fishing really seems to be up and down, fantastic some days, then a lot of work the next day. The heat and storms seems to affect the fishing.Patterns change weekly. However being able to change daily seems to be the key to success. Rigging Roach rigs with crawlers and leeches seem to be a good go to on a lot of lakes. Bottom bouncers with the Northland Butterfly spinners are also a fast way to find fish and cover ground. Mid lake humps are starting to load up, but not always on top. Use your Lowrance electronics, look for those places that are soft to hard bottom. Fish really like this transition area this time of year. The bug hatch play a big part this time of year. Look for any of these products that are working at Gene's Sport Shop in Perham. The staff will definitely help you out!

Stay Safe

Bret Setterholm

Bret's Guide Service


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