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Fishing Report 6/19

"Summer is in full swing in the lakes area, and that means summer patterns are starting to take shape. Main lake structures and transition areas are starting to hold walleyes in 16-30ft on Ottertail, Big Pine, Little Pine, Ottertail and Rush. A bottom bouncer and a spinner rig with a leech or crawler are king. Look to the deep weedline or patchy green cabbage for shallow walleye with crankbaits or rip 1/4oz. Current Cutter jigs tiped with plastics or a minnow.

Panfish have finished their spawning ritual, and have moved out to the weedlines. Tie on a 1/16oz jig tiped with a tube or twister tail and troll .8 to 1.0 mph over the top of the cabbage weeds to find schools of fish. Once found, slow down and pitch jigs to the fish to avoid spooking the school. Look to Little McDonald, Portage, Rush, and Big Pine for active panfish.

The Musky bite is getting better everyday. With the late spawn, there are still quite a few fish suspended over open water. Focus on hard to soft bottom transitions and schools of baitfish. Trolling large cranks or bucktails are working well in open water. Don’t forget to check shallow, as fish are finding there way to the weedlines and prowling for a meal. Burning bucktails such as a Hook Look “Lock Jaw” are turning fish in 8-16ft along with topwaters at low light over structure. Look to Pelican, West Battle,And Detroit Lake for the best action.

Bass have found there way to main lake flats and shoreline cover such as docks and overhanging trees. Jigs, spinnerbaits, and crankbaits are turning fish in the 5-10ft weed flats of Blanche, Rush, North Turtle, and Boedigheimer."

Randin Olson Lock Jaw Guide Service 218-640-0158

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