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Ice Report 12/11/2020

We are finally to the point in the ice season where I am willing to post an Ice Report! We have been delayed in doing the ice report because the ice conditions have varied greatly. Currently on MOST (Not All) area lakes we are finding 2.5-6 inches of good, clear black ice. The last couple days have been relatively warm, so there has been a small amount of water on the ice, but the next 10 Days are showing lows in the teens or single digits at night , which should harden up the ice and add some additional ice. Lets just hope the snow stays out of the forecast and we will be in good shape!

We have been hearing good reports from local anglers venturing out by foot and having good luck for both panfish and walleyes on area lakes. The walleye bite has been very good in 15-20 feet of water in the low light conditions of morning and evening on shoreline breaks, points and humps. The bluegill and crappie bite has also been very good in the shallow weed flats on most area lakes.

Heading into the weekend we are sitting REALLY good on bait. Currently have silver shiners, golden shiners, sucker minnows, fatheads, crappie minnows, spearing decoys, waxworms and euro larvae. It should be a great week on the water!

As always, there is no such thing as 100% safe ice. The reports we are giving are a general report from what we are hearing and seeing, and ice safety should always be priority #1. Make sure to check ice depth and quality on the way to the fishing spot and on the way back to shore. Make sure to have ice cleats and ice picks, and travel with a friend!

Stay safe everybody and happy fishing from all of us at Gene's!


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