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Ice Report 11/21

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving tomorrow, and are able to spend quality time with family and friends this weekend. Ice Fishing is finally here! We have been selling more and more minnows every day, and many people are finding good, fishable ice. Right now we have fatheads, crappie minnows, suckers, gold and silver shiners, spearing decoys, and fresh waxies. Guys are finding upwards of 7-8 inches of ice on the bays and smaller lakes that have been frozen over for nearly 2 weeks, and finding 4-6 inches on majority of other lakes. Some lakes are just recently frozen, however, and still have under 3 inches.

For the most part, a good guess for MOST of our popular area lakes have 4-7 inches and foot traffic is going on. With next weeks temperatures dropping down into single digits at night, we should have another good week of ice making, and i suspect to see ATV's and wheel houses by next weekend. As always, ice can change from day to day

and spot to spot, and PLEASE use extreme caution when going onto the lake. The fisherman who are getting out are catching walleyes, northerns, and panfish! Stay safe and good luck!

Next Wednesday , November 28th from 4-8 pm we will have our "First Ice'' ice fishing event at the store where we will have free giveaways, super specials, and a couple seminars going on. This will be a free event and we will have turkey sandwhiches. Head over to our facebook page to get more info!

DISCLAIMER : : There is no such thing as safe ice. Ice conditions can change from day to day and spot to spot. Always use caution on the ice, and make sure stop and check ice depth and quality to and from your fishing spot. Our ice reports should be taken lightly, as this is just what we have seen and heard. Our ice report does not apply to all lakes and all parts of the lakes.

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