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Ice Report 11/14

With rifle hunting season over, and winter quickly approaching, our thoughts and efforts have transitioned to ice fishing. Here at Gene's we are working around the clock to get all of our ice fishing products on display and ready for the ice season, and we are almost there! With the very cool nights and low winds, we are just starting to see a lot of the popular, bigger lakes starting to freeze over, or at least partially freeze over. Lakes such as Big Pine, Little Pine, Rush, Star, Dead have either just froze over or are in the process of completely freezing over. A few brave souls have found some fishable ice on the extremely small lakes and back bays of lakes, but are going out on 2-4 inches of ice. Looks like we will be having some warmer weather the next couple days, but i think we should have walkable ice very soon! It is always best to call the store (218-346-3355) to get up to the minute ice reports, as this time of year the ice condition can change in a matter of minutes! Look forward to seeing you all very soon. Happy Fishing!

DISCLAIMER: There is no such thing as safe ice. Ice conditions can change from day to day and spot to spot. Always use caution on the ice, and make sure stop and check ice depth and quality to and from your fishing spot. Our ice reports should be taken lightly, as this is just what we have seen and heard. Our ice report does not apply to all lakes and all parts of the lakes.

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