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December 19, 2019

To say that this ice season has been a disappointment so far would be an understatement! Most area lakes have 6-12 inches of ice, and the ice is varying greatly from spot to spot on the lakes. We have gotten 15+ inches of snow on this ice, which is making the lakes flood bad in some areas, and slush pockets are causing a headache for many local anglers. The good news is that the fishing has been good and traveling on the lakes is very doable with small ATVs, and the fisherman who are traveling out in portables are being rewarded. The bad news, however, is that getting a permanent house out can be tough traveling through snow/slush and flooding has been common. There are, however, many permanent houses out on area lakes. It is an odd year for ice, and your best bet is to get out there and explore for yourself, for the conditions vary GREATLY from lake to lake...

December 10, 2019

I posted a video on our Facebook page on Saturday explaining the current ice conditions, and not much has changed since then except our recent snow fall. On Saturday the MAJORITY of area lakes had 4-8 inches of good ice, with some lakes having even less and some having a bit

more. Before Mondays snow fall there was a few inches of snow on the lakes with slush in areas, and yesterday morning we got hit with another 4 inches. We saw a good amount of small wheel houses going out on area lakes on Saturday, and the extreme cold weather of today and tomorrow should help add to the existing ice. This is obviously not the ice conditions we were hoping for, and extreme caution needs to be used when venturing out on area lakes for ice is varying greatly on what part of the lake or what lake you are on. We are sitting really good on minnows and our inventory is good, an...

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